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Concerts and Live Music In and Near Breckenridge

If you've ever been to one of Breckenridge's numerous summer festivals, you know that live musical performances are often a cornerstone of these events. Summertime is the perfect time to catch a concert, and every year, Colorado boasts a huge list of musicians stopping through. While most require a drive from Breckenridge, travelling an hour or two to catch a spectacular show is always worth it!


Located next to the Blue River in the heart of town, the Riverwalk Center is the summer home for the National Repertory Orchestra. Throughout the summer months, you can enjoy orchestra's summer concert series as well as a variety of performances by other music artists. The venue has seating for 770 people and is fully accessible for those with disabilities.


Located at 305 North Main Street, the Blue River Bistro hosts live music most nights during the winter and summer seasons and on weekends during the spring and fall. The bistro offers a relaxed atmosphere to complement its performances by a variety of jazz and blues musicians.


Serving both homemade booze infusions and gourmet food, the Motherloaded Tavern has a little something for everyone. You can also enjoy live music every Friday and Saturday night. The tavern is located at 103 South Main Street.


Morrison's Red Rocks Amphitheater is an open-air amphitheater like no other. Geologically formed, its 300-foot monoliths create amazing acoustics and stunning surroundings. Red Rocks has been open since 1941 and has hosted thousands of artists, including The Beatles, U2, Sting, Jimi Hendrix, and many, many more. It has been named as one of the most beautiful concert venues as well as the best amphitheater in the United States.


Located in Denver, the Ogden Theatre originally opened in 1919 and even hosted Harry Houdini at one point. Although the theater was slated for demolition in the early 1990s, it thankfully found a new owner and a new life as one of the premier concert venues in Denver. Every year, the Ogden features about 150 musical performances by artists from every genre.

Check out the full Colorado Concert Calendar for a comprehensive list of upcoming performances. 


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