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Despite its secluded setting high in the Rockies, Breckenridge is a very social town. Throughout the summer months, Breckenridge hosts a number of events, from music festivals to beer festivals and everything in between.


While the Breckenridge Music Festival provides year-round musical events, it also presents a five-week long summer festival. During this festival, musicians from all over the world descend on Breckenridge and participate in both large and small orchestral performances. These concerts cover a variety of musical styles and sometimes even include themed concerts.


For those who like their art seen rather than heard, the Breckenridge July Art Festival is sure to please. It takes place every year around the 4th of July at Main Street Station, which is at the corner of Main Street and Park Avenue. Later in July, the Breckenridge Main Street Art Festival comes to town. Over the Labor Day weekend, there's the Gathering at the Great Divide. Each of these festivals have free admission and each one features over 100 artists with displays ranging from jewelry and wearable goods to sculptures and paintings. 


Beer festivals are another excellent way to enjoy the summer. Held at the base of the ski resort, the Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival features samples from over 40 breweries as well as live music and delicious food. The date of this festival varies every year, but typically, it happens in late July or August. Tickets tend to sell out, so make sure to purchase yours in advance. Breckenridge Brewery provides a huge list of beer-related events all over the state for anyone old enough to enjoy an ice cold one.


The Breckenridge Film Festival has been going strong since 1981. Held in September, the festival wraps up summer with submissions from both local and international filmmakers. Amateur and professional filmmakers submit films that run the gamut from documentaries and spiritual movies to comedies and animated films. Every year, the festival brings actors, directors, and other movie industry professionals to Breckenridge for four days of fun, film, and beautiful scenery.


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