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Colorado is a fishing fanatic’s dream come true! While the countless miles of pristine rivers, streams, lakes, and creeks in Colorado attract fisher men and women from all over the planet, there’s more than enough space to go around. If you don’t mind walking and wading in rivers, give fly fishing a shot. If you prefer to cast a bobber out and let the fish do all the work, you won’t be disappointed either. 

While most locals aren’t likely to share their favorite fishing hole, we’ve done our best to cast you off in the right direction. There is something here for every type and level of freshwater fishing imaginable!


Mountain Angler is Summit County's oldest fly fishing guide service. Those wishing to stay in Summit County can choose from a variety of guided wading and walking trips. There are also river float trips available that are a great choice for those looking for a relaxing day trip option. If you don't mind venturing a bit further out and you want a more exclusive fly fishing experience, Mountain Angler also offers private ranch fly fishing. 

If all that weren't enough, they can also get you set up with all the gear you need and lessons, too. Mountain Angler's store is located at 311 South Main Street. It's fully stocked with a variety of waders, flies, rods, and whatever else you might need for your fishing adventure. You can also get your fishing license and maps at the store, too.


With Breckenridge Outfitters, you can choose from two-hour, half-day, or full-day walk and wade trips as well as river and lake float trips. And if those options aren't enough for you, you can opt for an overnight float trip instead. They have an online store if you want to get your gear squared away before your trip. Their site also allows you to check river conditions and what flies they recommend based on those conditions.

They have a full service fly shop located at 101 North Main Street #B, where you can rent equipment or get some information on techniques or the best fishing locations.


For those of you who are just getting your feet wet with fishing, Take Me Fishing is a fantastic resource. It covers just about everything you need or want to know about fishing. The site includes articles on fishing techniques, boating safety, and what to do with your catch once you've got it. It also has information specific to each state on fishing license requirements, boating regulations, and fishing reports.


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