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Hot Air Balloon Rides

There is no better way to see the mountains in their entirety than from the basket of a hot air balloon. Thrilling and unique, a hot air balloon ride is sure to give you a memorable experience as well as a fresh perspective on the Rocky Mountains. While there are no hot air ballon companies available in Breckenridge, you'll find several located an hour to an hour and a half drive away. Trust us - the drive will be worth it!


Located in South Park Valley, Colorado Hot Air Balloon Rides provides sunrise rides seven days a week from late May to early October. Flights (and the ride to the launch site) take approximately an hour and guests can choose from one of two flight options: basic and platinum. Basic is the "no frills" option, which includes just the balloon ride. The platinum option, on the other hand, includes the balloon ride as well as transportation to and from Breckenridge, coffee and snacks while the balloon is being inflated, a post-flight toast, sit-down breakfast, and more.


Guests will find Camelot Balloons near the Eagle County Regional Airport, which is about an hour and 20 minutes from Breckenridge. They fly in custom-designed and crafted balloons and they also offer year-round flights. With "A Taste of Ballooning," guests will take a 30- to 40-minute balloon ride and they'll also get a complimentary hot beverage while the balloon inflates and a complimentary post-flight champagne toast. The "Full Excursion" package includes all that as well as a post-flight picnic.


Grand Adventure Balloon Tours is located in Fraser, Colorado - about an hour and a half drive from Breckenridge. Their sunrise flights happen all year long and last about an hour. With each flight, guests get a complimentary champgne toast, a commemorative flight certificate, and a continental breakfast. Grand Adventure also has the ability to provide child care for children under 4 during your flight. 


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