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Back Country Skiing

There's something magical about exploring a piece of wilderness that feels completely undiscovered while you carve fresh tracks into the powder. Skiing the back country will challenge your skills as you face difficult terrain along with high elevations. And although back country skiing is definitely exhilarating, keep in mind that it can be dangerous, too.


There are designated gates at Breckenridge Resort that provide access to the back country. These areas are not maintained, nor are they patrolled, and they include natural hazards, like avalanches. If the snowfall has been heavy, the risk for avalanches increases greatly. Back country access will vary throughout the season, so check with the ski patrol to find out access status. Also - never go past closed access gates. Not only does this put you in danger, but it also means that should you need to be rescued, it will cost you a pretty penny (think fines plus all the costs associated with getting rescue workers into a remote area). 


Remember that skiing in the back country is nothing like skiing at a resort. The terrain will vary widely and there will be plenty of obstacles. If you decide to try back country skiing, you should be experienced with a variety of terrains. 

Come prepared with food, water, a first aid kit, and avalanche safety gear. Make sure you let others know where you'll be going and when you expect to be back. Check the weather forecast before your trip as severe weather will only serve to make conditions more dangerous.

Familiarize yourself with avalanche safety. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center provides educational resources as well as information on back country avalanche dangers, severe weather watches and warnings, and much more.


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