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Dog Sled Rides

If there’s one thing you didn’t think you’d be doing in Breckenridge, it could very well be dog sledding. Perhaps for you, dog sledding invokes images of the deep Alaskan wilderness. Dog sledding is certainly possible in Breckenridge, and also highly recommended. Book your trip today to start exploring the beauty of the mountains with these fascinating dogs. If you appreciate the magic and hard work that these dogs are capable of, you are sure to enjoy this mountain adventure. 


At Good Times Adventures, you'll get to enjoy a six-mile dog sled tour of the Swan River Valley. The trip takes a little more than an hour and gives guests the chance to run the dogs, ride the dog sled, and ride in the passenger sled. Before the tour begins, guests learn how to work with the dogs and how to run the sleds.

Good Times Adventures will provide guests with adult snow suits and boots at no charge. Should you find yourself without a crucial piece of gear, like handwarmers, fleece outerwear, or goggles, there are items available for purchase. The Good Times lodge is located just a short drive from downtown Breckenridge. Reservations are required.


Alpine Adventures Dog Sledding is located in Leadville, Colorado, but complimentary transportation is available from central locations in Breckenridge. Two types of tours are available: group and tagsled. Group tours have six adult seats and throughout the tour, guests switch between riding in the dog sled, driving the dog sled, and riding in the snowmobile-pulled passenger sleigh. Tagsled tours are limited to one to four people. Guests have the opportunity to control a larger team with the guide there to assist you. Both tours cover six miles, take about an hour and 20 minutes, and can have a lunch option added on for an extra charge.

If you're more interested in meeting these incredible dogs than riding with them, you can take a kennel tour. This 45-minute, narrated tour explains the dogs' training regimens, the kennel's rescue and placement activities, and more. Even better, guests can expect to get a lot of dog love during the tour! 

Alpine Adventures will provide adult-sized snow bibs and snow boots for no additional charge. Some child-sized snow bibs are available on a limited basis. Advanced reservations are recommended, especially during the holiday season and peak times in February and March. 


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