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Ice Fishing

Breckenridge ice fishing isn’t the same as other ice fishing. With Breckenridge ice fishing, you're surrounded by mountains at extreme altitudes while winter winds shear snow from the pines in great blinding clouds. The lakes of Summit County are as scenic as any in the world and they are not without substance either. They're filled with plump salmon, different species of trout, and even Arctic Char. Arctic Char are a rare cold-water fish found in places like Scandinavia, Alaska, the Alps, different bodies of glacial waters, and coincidentally, Summit County, Colorado. 

Whether you're trying your luck at fishing for the first time, or you're an expert angler hoping to land an Arctic Char, everyone can catch their next trophy, or at least dinner, in the lakes surrounding Breckenridge.

Guided ice fishing tours are a highly recommended option for visitors. Why spend hours hovering in a location that looks promising, when there are professionals willing to show you their favorite winter fishing holes for a small fee? 


Big Ed’s Fishing Ventures offers half-day ice fishing tours on Lake Dillon during the winter months. Big Ed's will provide everything you need for a great ice fishing experience: dipsticks, heated huts, and equipment. And at the end of the trip, they'll even filet your fish for free! All guests need to do before their fishing tour is get a fishing license. There are plenty of local licensed retailers or you can get your fishing license online.


At Alpine Fishing Adventures, you can choose from three different ice fishing tours that cater to different audiences, from beginners to experienced fishermen. Tours take either a half- or a full day and guides will take you to their favorite hot spots on Lake Dillon. Experienced fishermen seeking an encounter with the elusive Arctic Char can opt for the full-day tour where guides will show you the best techniques to use.


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