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For a great alternative to skiing or snowboarding, and an awesome winter activity in its own right, Breckenridge sledding is great fun. It's entertaining for the whole family, making your Breckenridge vacation one that each member of the family will treasure. 


Sledding at Carter Park is popular among locals and visitors and it's free! The park is located just four blocks east of Main Street and it boasts a walk-up, slide-down sledding hill that has just the right amount of steepness. The hill is wide, but it can get busy as the day goes on, so plan ahead and get there early. The park offers lovely mountain views, bathroom facilities, and picnic tables. And while there are no sled rentals available at the park, plenty of local stores sell affordable sleds.

Safety While Sledding

While sledding can be a fantastic way to spend a winter afternoon, keep in mind that it can also cause injuries for children and adults alike. To keep your sledding experience fun and injury-free:

  • Make sure the sledding hill is snowy and not icy. Icy hills not only increase the risk of collisions, but they make for a harder landing if someone falls off a sled.

  • Check out the hill before you or your children go sledding to ensure that it's free of rocks, branches, or other debris.

  • Have helmets ready for children 12 and younger to protect against head injuries.

  • Dress in warm, waterproof clothes but avoid things like scarves or other clothing items that could get caught in the sled.

  • Have children under the age of 5 ride with an adult every time.

  • Teach children to roll off of a sled that won't stop and to get out of the way if they fall off of a sled.


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