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Snowshoeing is a wonderful way to experience nature. It's peaceful, relaxing, and invigorating all at the same time. You can surround yourself with stunning scenery and breathe in the crisp, pine-scented air while also getting an amazing cardiovascular workout. In Breckenridge, there are miles of snowshoeing trails that are perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. Breckenridge snowshoeing is an opportunity that nobody, visitors and locals alike, should pass up. 


Located a half mile from Main Street, the Breckenridge Nordic Center has numerous trails that wind through National Forest Lands. Snowshoers interested in going at their own pace and picking their own destination can choose to embark on a self-guided snowshoe trip. All trails are mapped and clearly marked.

Guided snowshoe adventures are also available. Knowledgeable tour guides lead participants through the wildnerness while discussing local wildlife, ecology, and history. These tours are a great choice for those who want to round out their snowshoeing experience with fascinating information. They are available several times a day and evening snowshoe tours are available by request.

The Nordic Center boasts a new lodge where you can relax after your snowshoeing adventure and enjoy some hot chocolate, a glass of wine, or a bite to eat. And if you don't have your own snowshoes, the Center offers rentals with no reservations required. 


The Gold Run Nordic Center is located on the Breckenridge Golf Course, which is just north of town. It has about 6 miles of snowshoeing trails, a clubhouse restaurant, a retail shop, and a rental center. 

Both self-guided and guided tours are available. There are three different guided tours available. Each one offers incredible mountain scenery and information on the area's mining history, wildlife, and nature. The center also now offers full moon snowshoeing parties where participants can experience the beauty of the forest by the light of the full moon.


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